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*Kajimoto Laboratory [#v5f08b7f]
**About Kajimoto Laboratory [#ab0a1dd4]

Kajimoto lab is established in Apr. 2007. Main research topic is human interface, ~
especially focusing on tactile or multimodal interface. ~
Our keyword is "interface for fun", or "tactile for fun", because we strongly believe~
that major potential application field for tactile interface is entertainment.~

-[[For those who consider visiting/joining:http://kaji-lab.jp/en/index.php?ForeignVisitorInvitation]]

**News [#t3dbfc8d]
-2008.8.11-15 Three works ([[/ed:http://kaji-lab.jp/ja/index.php?research#harakiri]],[[Emotional Touch:http://kaji-lab.jp/ja/index.php?research#Speaker]],Ants in the Pants) will be presented at the demo session in [[SIGGRAPH2008:http://www.siggraph.org/s2008]].
-2008.8.11-15 Three works ([[/ed:http://kaji-lab.jp/ja/index.php?research#harakiri]],[[Emotional Touch:http://kaji-lab.jp/ja/index.php?research#Speaker]],[[Ants in the Pants:http://www.mushi-how.com/]]) will be presented at the New Tech Demo session in [[SIGGRAPH2008:http://www.siggraph.org/s2008]].
-2008.6.11-13 Three works will be presented at oral, poster and demo session in [[EuroHaptics2008:http://www.disam.upm.es/~eurohaptics2008/]] 
-2008.4.5-10 Two works will be presented at Work-in-Progress session in [[CHI2008:http://www.chi2008.org/]].
-2008.3.4 Hashimoto and Kajimoto individually received Interactive Demonstration Award at Interaction2008.
-2007.12.7 Hashimoto and Fukushima individually received Demonstration Awards in WISS2007.
-2007.11.24 Open Lab
-2007.11.3 Team "Tamago-chan" won triple crown: Grand Prix, Laval Award, and Kagamihara Award in [[IVRC:http://www.ivrc.org]]. The team will be invited to [[Laval Virtual:http://www.laval-virtual.org/]] (France) in April.

**Contact [#v23448ce]
-1-5-1 Chofu-ga-oka Chofu-city Tokyo, 182-8585, Japan&br;
The University of Electro-Communications&br;
Department of Human Communication, West Bldg#3, 4th floor, 401&br;
TEL/FAX +81-42-443-5445&br;

**Link [#y86bd94b]
-[[The University of Electro-Communications:http://www.uec.ac.jp/]]
-[[Department of Human Communication:http://www.hc.uec.ac.jp/]]
-[[Kajimoto Laboratory(Server in school. Lecture notes):http://kaji-lab.jp/index-e.html]]