*Access [#i4860c30]
**Contact [#v23448ce]
-1-5-1 Chofu-ga-oka Chofu-city Tokyo, 182-8585, Japan&br;
The University of Electro-Communications&br;
Department of Human Communication, West Bldg#6, 2nd floor, 205&br;
TEL/FAX +81-42-443-5445

**Map [#ze417394]
-[[The Univerisity of Electro-Communications:http://www.uec.ac.jp/eng/about/visual/directions.html]]

-Shinjuku to Chofu: Keio Line~
Following the direction signs, walk to Keio Line.
Take Express or Limited Express train, departing from Platform No.3.
It will take less than 15 minutes.

-Chofu Station to Campus~
At Chofu Station, get off at North Exit. Right in front is the "Dentsu-Dai Dori" (UEC street). Walk the street to the north till the end (about 300m), and turn left. You can't miss the main entrance of the university.

-Inside the Campus~
First you enter East Campus. Walk north for about 200m, and turn left (there is a COOP building). Walk west for about 50m, cross over the street, and enter the West Campus. Walk west for about 50m, south for about 50m, and west for another 50m, where you will find Bldg #3.
Take the elevator to the fourth floor. You will find Room 401-403 sign. Please knock the door, and take off your shoes.


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