How to quickly make movie for academic conference (for MS powerpoint user)

If you have PowerPoint2010 or newer, you can output wmv file from powerpoint slide directly.

Basic procedure can be found at

You may also refer UIST Video Guide to improve your video.

1.Prepare ppt slide for conference oral presentation

2.Prepare caption for each slide. If you need multiple captions for one slide, set auto-animation.

3.(Optional) Prepare narration for each slide and place it. Set auto-animation.

4. Place movies to many slides (preferably most slides). Mute sound if necessary.

5. Set slide transition. "Fade" is good. If you forget this process, the output movie smells PowerPoint.

6. Set auto-animation to everything, including slide transition. Easiest way is to use "record timing (and narration)" function. Otherwise, set it one by one. This is the most time-consuming stage.

7. File->Save And Send ->Create a Video. Set resolution VGA or higher (VGA is somewhat out-of-date).

8. Use latest version of Windows Movie Maker to convert wmv to mp4/h264. You can also put BGM to the movie at this stage. (If you use powerpoint2013, you can directly output mp4 file) BGM can also be embedded in the slide.

Here are rough samples.

  • ppt file without narration(SIGGRAPH ASIA2012 Emerging Technologies). zip (44MB)
  • ppt file with narration (CHI 2014 Work-in-Progress). zip (45MB)
    Videos at Youtube:


(This article does not intend to recommend the use of powerpoint. If you know other simple ways, let's share)

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